It’s that time of the year. Allergy season. What better way to combat the sheets of pollen in the air than taking a few badass drone shots. DJI agrees and has dropped the curtain on a Spring Savings Event. Drones. Osmos. More drones. You get the idea.

There are solid deals to be had, while others scream clearing the shelves. Let’s take a look through the sales sheet and find the gems.

DJI Spring Deals

The marquee deal is the Mavic Pro with a $100 price drop and an extra battery. It’s sitting at $899. DJI’s Mavic Pro Fly More Combo is an even better steal at $1,149. The combo includes a bag, extra props, charging station, car charger and extra batteries. Not too shabby.

Both are deals, but if you’re looking for something new, DJI is knocking the price of the Mavic Air Fly More Combo down to $1,298. If you’re picking between the two, the Mavic Air is the better deal thanks to its bitrate. You get dinged on battery life, but the combo includes three batteries plus the DJI Goggles. That’s damn solid.

Another Mavic enjoying a price cut is the Mavic Pro Platinum. Buying it with the DJI Goggles enjoys a $150 discount to $1,398. It’s safe to say DJI really wants to move the Goggles. So much so, the standalone DJI Goggles have a $100 price cut to $349. That’s damn cheap considering the tech behind them.

What about the Spark? The ultimate beginner drone is priced to move at $399 with a free Spark controller. The Fly More Combo grabs a $50 price cut at $549. Out of the two, the Fly More Combo is the better deal.

Other drone deals include the Phantom 4 Pro and Phantom 4 Advanced. When you buy either with the DJI Goggles, you can knock $150 off the total price.

Bringing up the last of the deals is the Osmo+. The old $559 price has been cut to $499. It’s older and to be honest, out of all the deals, it screams clearing inventory. We all have smartphones, and a better option is the Osmo Mobile 2 at $129.

The Osmo+ is interesting because we haven’t seen much movement from DJI’s handheld gimbal cameras. Could we be nearing an Osmo 2? Here’s hoping for the X4S camera standard. Zero rumors on that front, but DJI seems to be keeping a lid on the number of rumors hitting the web.

Sound off in the comments below. What drone do you think we see announced next? I say the Mavic Pro II because of the success of the Mavic Air cannibalizing sales. The sale lasts through the weekend so get to shopping if you’re in the market.

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