It’s that time of the year. Amazon Prime Day. And by extension, every other e-commerce retailer reacting to match or beat Amazon’s deals. That holds true with DJI which has slashed prices on some of its most popular products. Some are solid deals, while others you may want to wait a few days.

DJI vs Amazon Prime Day

The headline deals are the two most recent product launches, the Osmo Pocket, and Osmo Action. Both earn a $30 discount pricing each at $319. If you’re in the market for an action camera or the Osmo Pocket, the $30 discount is the best we’ve seen yet. Those looking at the Osmo Pocket will also see the waterproof case has finally made an appearance. 

Next up is the Mavic Air. Both the standalone camera drone and the Fly More combo are enjoying a $120 discount. Out of the two, the Mavic Air Fly More Combo is the better deal. You get the Air, extra batteries, props, etc. for $879. 

Want a beginner drone you can toss to your kid or a certain nephew (mine) who is not remotely gentle with a controller? Enter the Ryze Tech Tello. DJI has it discounted to $89 from $99. The Tello Boost, which is a Fly More Combo, is $129, down from $149.

DJI Discounts – Buy or Wait?

The four mentioned above are all solid buys. But included in the dueling sales between DJI and Amazon lies the DJI Ronin-S Standard and Essentials Kit. Discounts on both amount to a savings of $100 and $50 respectively. Yes, they are solid deals, except credible rumors are talking up a new Ronin model which could launch as early as this week. 

So, wait or take advantage of the deals? It depends on your use case. Are you looking at the Ronin-S and wish it was a bit lighter with all the same features? Something similar to the Zhiyun Weebill LAB? You may want to hold off on pulling the trigger on the sales. If you’re cool with the current size of the Ronin-S, then take advantage of the discounts. 

DJI Accessories

Two combos are getting a discount for the sale. The Osmo Pocket Expansion Kit and the Mavic 2 Fly More Kit. Both of these are necessities to take full advantage of either the Pocket or Mavic 2 Zoom / Pro. The Mavic 2 combo drops down to the old price of $379, while the Expansion Kit is slashed to $109. If you own either and didn’t buy the extra combo initially, now would be the time to pick it up. 

That wraps DJI’s price match of Amazon Prime Day. Overall, there are solid deals here, especially the Osmo Action and Pocket.

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