Ok, we may have hit peak dating sites. The niche is obviously running out of ways to distinguish themselves, so SingldOut is going for an idea straight from the lab. It wants to test you for ‘biological compatibility’.

What does that mean? Well, when you sign up, you get an Instant Chemistry DNA kit in the mail. SingldOut has partnered with Instant Chemistry for this deal. Membership runs $199 for three months, $249 for six and $299 for a year. You also get psychologically tested. Why not? You are already figuring out what diseases you have the markers for. May as well toss a little Xanax on it.

If you have heard of the mail DNA kits before, this works the same way. It is a saliva test. Spit in the tube and mail it back to Instant Chemistry. The data is then posted to your profile. Hey girl, I have three recessive genes.

The company is testing for two markers, the serotonin uptake transporter and genes that affect your immune system. The serotonin uptake transporter looks at how you react to positive and negative emotions. Instant Chemistry says research shows a strong link between long-term relationships and people with differing versions of the serotonin gene and varied immune systems.

Whether or not this can be extrapolated out to finding your match 100% is being debated. Scientists say that genetic testing to predict long-term relationships is in its infancy. Plus, the amount of variables that are in play are vast. Socioeconomic factors being one of the biggest.

So, while SingldOut may have found one hell of a niche, the idea that two gene markers can predict who you love may just be another fantasy.

If other dating sites are looking for a niche now, I think credit scores is all we are lacking. I’m sure the free credit score guys are free for an ad.


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