We all have calendar notifications for when a meeting starts. How about a time for when the meeting ends at your office? Welcome to Do. It aims to solve the problem with all meetings. Time.

No, it won’t get you out of the budget meeting, though your assistant could tap out an SOS saying you have to take a call. Hey, it’s worth a shot. Put that haptic feedback feature to use.

Easily my favorite feature on the Do Apple Watch app is the countdown clock. Count me down until I can escape. It also functions to keep people on task. Yeah Greg, no one cares about how close your March Madness bracket was. It’s over brother. Catch us next year.

do app apple watch

Say you have an hour long meeting. At the halfway point (30 minutes for the political science majors out there), you will get a notification to course correct you back to the meeting’s actual agenda. You are more productive, and you get out of the conference room on time. Win-win.

Another feature is agenda setting. Who doesn’t hate the ‘meeting at 10am email?’ Sounds great. A meeting on what? With one tap on your Apple Watch you can request the meeting’s agenda from the rest of your group.

Counting Down With Do

It’s not all work with Do. Happy hour is just as essential as the budget meeting. After your slate of meetings wrap up, look for a countdown timer on your workday. It’s a great feature for the Apple Watch. As for drinks after work, hit up Jason Shah, the CEO of Do.

The company just secured $2 million in funding, so if he wants to have an open bar in the office, I’m 100% on board with dropping by.

Apple Watch

If the non-stop tech coverage and commercials were not enough, the Apple Watch releases on April 24. Pricing ranges from not bad to someone is actually paying $17,000 for a first-generation wearable?

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