Who doesn’t want a little productivity at work? Being stuck in conference rooms feels like an appointment with the dentist in a hurry. That’s where Do comes in.

Do has launched revamped iOS apps for both the iPhone and iPad. Don’t worry Android users, the revamped app is coming.

How does Jason Shah, CEO and founder of Do, describe the new apps? They are a step “towards automated productivity, beyond and further away from traditional but increasingly difficult-to-use ‘facilitated productivity.”

Let’s break that down. It means less time stuck in meetings silently debating corner cafe or food truck for lunch. Fewer meetings. Hey, who’s not on board on with that? And, more productivity after meetings.

How many meetings have you been to and wondered right after what the hell did we discuss? The app keeps the meetings concise and on topic, and create a progress bar on completing the various tasks laid out during your meeting.

You get things done and maybe sneak in some mindless Reddit surfing at your desk. See no browsing, speak no browsing.

Mindful Productivity

It sounds buzzword-ish, but the new apps make you mindful in a variety of ways. My favorite? Real-time stats on your work day. We live in the age of big data. It’s time to make it useful to you.

Glancing at your phone will give you a percentage of the workday that remains. If you’re a workaholic, it’ll show. Counting down till happy hour via percentages lets us ignore the slow crawl of the work clock.

do ios app

It might be 5 o’clock somewhere, but sometimes it feels like the clock is turning back time out of spite.

The workday statistics also allow you to quickly modify your schedule on the fly. Sudden client meeting? A quick glance lets you find the time to squeeze it in. No more racking your brain of what else is going today, tomorrow or next week.

Streamlining Communication

Following its Apple Watch app, the revamped iOS apps keep communication between parties fast. It cuts down on the number of steps you take to perform simple tasks.

Imagine you have a meeting tomorrow at 3:00pm. You see it on your calendar and confirm you’ll be there with the marketing staff. All good, right? Now, what happens tomorrow around 9:00am you have questions about the agenda.

Open the calendar app. Figure out the staff members attending. Their contact info. No wonder we all look like hell leaving the office every day.

Do streamlines this by keeping it in-app. Need to add something to the agenda? Done. Private message a few participants? You got it. Accidentally on purpose running late? Hey, I’m not judging. You can ask for the meetings notes, or let staff know you are actually running late.


Easier on iPad than iPhones, the new Do app’s note-taking function is more robust. Want something elevated to a task after the meeting. Push it to the top and assign outcomes to the task.

No longer do great ideas languish in a conference room. Do ties it back to the calendar and staff can act on them.

I can’t tell you how many times my brother and I have brainstormed great ideas just to wonder what the hell we talked about later. Note-taking is now an integral part of our workday.

The app is available on iOS devices now. If you have an Apple Watch, the Do app is there too. If not, the tablet you call a phone will keep you on track at work.

And who doesn’t love a personalized countdown on when you get to call it a day? Sign me up for getting things done and getting back to life.

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