For Honor Crossplay

Five years after launch, For Honor quietly churns away as one of Ubisoft’s more popular games. Last week, the dev team behind the brawler announced one of the most requested features is finally making its way into the game – Crossplay.

It’ll come in two phases. On March 17, crossplay matchmaking will launch. Players from PC, PlayStation, and Xbox will enter the same matchmaking pool. The obvious plus here will be quicker matchmaking times across all platforms. 

In a blog post announcing Crossplay, the devs explain player skill ratings will be reset to accommodate the new matchmaking player pools. “It will take a few games to re-calibrate your personal skill rating,” according to the devs.

Voice chat will also be disabled during crossplay matches “due to technical constraints,” but the team is working on plans to reintroduce voice chat for crossplay matches in the future. 

Can Crossplay be disabled? Yes, but it’ll be turned on by default on March 17. You’ll need to go into your options to disable it. 

What about teaming up via Crossplay? That’s coming as part of Phase 2 of crossplay development. Phase 1 (crossplay matchmaking) was ready to ship, so the devs opted to get it out the door to help improve matchmaking times while work continues on crossplay parties. 

Phase 2 is still being worked on, and we’ll hear more about that later. 

Despite launching in 2017, For Honor still sits comfortably on Xbox’s most played games chart. Data on other platforms is harder to come by, but finding games is about to get much easier no matter what your platform of choice is.

Image: Ubisoft

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