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In the weeks leading up to today, the price would be the main sticking point for the new DJI Mini 3 Pro. At a base price of $759, it can quickly reach over a thousand when adding basic accessories like the new remote controller and Fly More combo. If you opt for the complete kit, the price tag jumps to $1089, which places it in the prosumer category. Opting for the extended batteries pushes this total to $1158

That’s a steep increase and within the range of the Mavic Air 2S, which has undeniably better video quality thanks to the larger sensor. 

Then there’s availability. Today was not the launch of the DJI Mini 3 Pro but rather the announcement with the camera drone set for an August 2022 shipping date. Three months is a long time these days with supply chain constraints and a pandemic that will not abate. 

What’s new on the DJI Mini 3 Pro? In a word, everything. The design is a near-total refresh. It does keep the 249-gram weight, but there’s an option for extended range batteries that will push it into the category where you will have to register the drone with your country’s respective regulatory agency. 

It’s the camera where the Mini 3 Pro earns its ‘Pro’ moniker. A new 48MP sensor is onboard with a gimbal that can rotate 90-degrees for vertical video. Think TikTok without having to crop footage. 4K60p and 4K/30p HDR will definitely create some stunning visuals and the dual ISO component. 

The aperture on the camera is at f/1.7, which will create some interesting depth-of-field shots thanks to its close focusing distance. 

Outside of the camera, the new feature for the Mini lineup is obstacle avoidance. With sensors on the top, bottom and front, it can make use of APAS 4.0 to intelligently avoid obstacles in its flight path. 

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DJI Mini 3 Pro vs. Mini 2

What if you have the Mini 2 already? Is it worth an upgrade? That depends. Are you happy with your current setup? If so, save the money. A lot has been upgraded, but it’s not necessarily groundbreaking to ditch recently purchased gear. If you have a use case or are looking to get into camera drones, the Mini 3 Pro is a solid purchase if you can wait until August.

Is the DJI Mini 3 Pro a beginner drone? 

Yes and no. The addition of obstacle avoidance is excellent news for beginners, but the price tag screams prosumer. Not quite professional, but also not the days of the original DJI Spark – an actual beginner camera drone. The video features alone will entice a lot of creators, and the portability is one hell of a selling point. It fits in your hoodie pocket with ease.

How does the video from the DJI Mini 3 Pro Look?

The usual suspects all released preview videos of the drone this morning, and it looks damn good. I wouldn’t call these reviews as the public will have to wait until August to actually get the Mini 3 Pro in hand. 

Does DJI Mini 3 Pro Justify its Price?

That’s tough. No one likes to see price increases, but that’s the world we live in now. I’d say the Mini 3 Pro offers enough to justify the price, thanks to 4K60p and the dual ISO. The rotating gimbal is compelling in the age of TikTok and Instagram reels, so that’s not a gimmick. If you’re in the market for a camera drone and prioritize portability, the Mini 3 Pro should be on the list. If you don’t see yourself being TikTok famous, the Mavic Air 2S is a better option in terms of quality, thanks to the larger sensor.  

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