Tiny apartment in San Francisco? Good, because ICOSA Design and Peter Suen are more than capable of turning it into a dynamic space. The company’s Domino Loft project transformed a small condo in the Financial District into a multi-functional loft.

The company works with clients and stays completely within the community. Everything from design conception to the fabrication at DEKA in Oakland. And the results are amazing. Sure, it won’t cure the absurd rents of San Francisco, but you may as well enjoy the space you have.

domino loft fabrication

Domino Loft Design

The small footprint of the condo meant the loft had to play multiple roles. Integrated into the design is a murphy bed for guests. Fold it up and there’s a standing desk in the corner for the home office. Storage is everywhere and includes retractable dining room table along with a whiteboard.

design of the domino loft

It’s San Francisco. You’re supposed to be whiteboarding the next billion-dollar company.

All of the above isn’t even my favorite part. No, it’s the ladder that leads to the bed on top of the Domino Loft. It’s a damn good thing I stopped sleepwalking. Negotiating a ladder while asleep? I doubt that ends well.

The team at ICOSA works on one-off builds, so no word on what a project like the Domino Loft costs. It’s firmly in the category of ‘it depends on what you want.’

Not sure I’d convince my dogs to give up the yard, but it’s one gorgeous loft.

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