Who knows? Drone. Pizza. A few drinks later and you have a damn business plan. Papa John is gonna be pissed him and Peyton didn’t dream this up. Pizza Hut is still figuring out no one trusts it has Peruvian Cherry Peppers in Centre, AL.

Domino’s? It’s all in the gimmick. The company has delivered its first pizza via a drone in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand. Hey, there’s hope for people living in rural areas.

Here’s how it works. Fire up the app or head online. Opt into the service and order up whatever. The drone is limited in range to 1.5km (around a mile for us Americans), but the company wants to boost the range to six miles in the coming months.

Once the order is placed, the finished pizza goes in a normal pizza box that goes into a sturdier delivery box. Attach it to the drone, and it’s off at 18mph to its destination. Once there, it hovers in the customer’s backyard, lowers the pizza via a tow cable and detaches what hopefully is a still hot pizza.

Does it look silly? Hell yes. Do we all want to order Domino’s now? Bastards. I keep imagining the drone pilots in the Air Force done with their enlistment moving over to pilot the hordes of delivery drones. Big difference taking out an ISIS column and setting a double pepperoni pizza in your neighbor’s yard.

Both Flirtey (drone company) and Domino’s have their eyes set on other countries. Domino’s has an entire robotics division devoted to automation, while Flirtey has relocated stateside to enter the US drone market.

When can we expect pizza via drone? We will be waiting on the FAA to lift new regulations governing drone flights. For now, drone operation is limited to line of sight. Until new rules are in place for companies, the only way you’re getting a pizza delivered to you via a drone is moving to a small town in New Zealand.

Sorry Domino’s. It’s a nice gimmick, but I’ll stick to picking up the pizza.

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