Donald Trump as a British Sophisticate or Tough Guy Cockney?
Donald Trump with a cockney accent

What doesn’t sound better with a proper English accent? You can’t turn on the TV without hearing Donald Trump talk about making America great again The New York accent shines through, and I’m just thankful it’s not the nails-on-a-chalkboard Sarah Palin accent.

Luckily, the Internet delivers in making Trump’s speeches even more entertaining. Peter Serafinowicz, a comedian, has completely redubbed a Fox News Sunday interview with the GOP frontrunner in a posh English accent.

The results are exactly what you always wished for:

When it’s proper English, it almost makes sense.

Donal Trump in sophisticated British english

Or, we can choose to go with Donald Trump with a tough guy cockney accent.

You have to admit, it damn near makes you want to move Iowa and go to a caucus. Wait, Iowa in February? Non-stop political ads? Nah, I like corn, but not that much. I feel for you Iowa, I really do.

And Peter? Keep it going, brother. It’s fantastic. Build yourself a big, beautiful recording studio and make one with a Mexican accent. That’ll make America great again.

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