For someone demanding drug tests for the next debate, Donald Trump’s Twitter timestamps speak to a guy that never sleeps. People are saying he might be taking performance enhancing drugs. That’s what I’ve been hearing…

Donald Trump is pissed off again, and this time, his ire is directed at SNL. In case you missed SNL over the weekend (most of us) or haven’t YouTubed it yet, here’s Alec Baldwin making the Donald grimace:

In the skit, Donald is asked if he likes kids and responds with, “I love the kids, okay? I love them so much I marry them.”

The hits keep coming as a black man asks if he can be a ‘devoted president to all the people.’ Alec’s Trump call the man Denzel and goes on a tirade on about violence in the inner cities.

He uses the question to call for Hillary to be thrown in jail: “She’s committed so many crimes, she’s basically a black.”

Not sure which part pissed the Donald off the most, but it led to this 6:14 am tweet:

Why he is up that early trolling for news about himself is unknown, but let’s bask in how much he manages to pack into 140 characters.

He admits to being a fan of SNL. Talks about how it has become unfunny and boring. Strikes Alec Baldwin from the holiday list at Trump Tower and accuses the media of rigging the election.

Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump SNL

After the election, Twitter should elect him to the board. The guy knows Twitter’s platform and could probably turn the sinking social network around. Hey, when Salesforce says it’s not buying the company for a vanity purchase, you know you have problems.

SNL can count on one dedicated viewer until election day. Donald Trump. I doubt Alec Baldwin loses any sleep over being struck from the Trump Christmas card list. And the media rigging the election? Come on Donald, you rode free campaign ads for so long, the pendulum was always going to swing back.

Plus, do we believe the media can honestly rig anything? They are too busy fighting for clicks to concern themselves over rigging the election for a perceived ‘greater good.’ And you’ve been a boon for business brother. Which candidate would serve the media’s bottom line? It’s Trump. Good lord, can you imagine the non-stop coverage of the circus?

Though, it would be entertaining to watch MSNBC have a full-on meltdown if the election is called for Trump on election night. Signs point to ‘hell freezes over first,’ and instead we have a presidential candidate actively laying the groundwork never to concede the election. Get your popcorn ready. We’re three weeks out. And then we can focus on the holidays and the crazy people fighting over $3 waffle makers on Black Friday.

See, it’s not rigged, Donald. It’s all who can be the most outrageous or ignorant. One more debate. No drug testing and Chris Wallace moderating. Keep your DVR humming Donald. And your smartphone nearby for the Tweetstorm.

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