Been There, Done That – Battlefield 4 Second Assault Review

Updated: October 10th, 2018 After delaying work on DLC in order to fix a multitude of problems, DICE has finally released Second Assault on every other platform. Xbox One owners have been playing these maps since launch thanks to an exclusivity arrangement between Microsoft and EA. For the rest of us, it’s our first time with Second Assault. Well, second time since all the maps are remade Battlefield 3 maps.

Operation Metro, Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm and Gulf of Oman return in Second Assault.

Levolution is back in Second Assault after taking a hiatus in China Rising. Some have criticized Levolution as a gimmick feature, but when done right, it adds flare to the game. Full map changes, such as the ones seen on Paracel Storm and Flood Zone are the best uses of Levolution. Gulf of Oman joins the two maps above with one of the best levolution implementations yet. About halfway through a Conquest match, a fierce sand storm blows in. Much like the storm on Paracel Storm, it affects visibility and looks awesome.

Second Assault brings small, and in some ways meaningful changes to the Battlefield 3 maps.

Operation Metro

Operation Metro sees some of the biggest changes of the four maps. Especially, on Conquest. Two new routes are available for pushes to B from the Metro side. A small hallway to the left can help you flank defenders at B. And, a bank of elevators offers a new route besides the escalators and staircases. It’s still a cluster, but at least you’ll have a better chance at reaching B if you lose it.

A competent team that gets to ‘B’ first on Metro will win pretty much every time. The extra routes do help when trying to take B, but it’s still not enough.

After playing a few matches of Operation Metro, you’ll appreciate Operation Locker.

Rush plays best on Metro. You’ll start either attacking or defending the outside park. From there, you make your way through the claustrophobic tunnels as you frantically push towards the next set of objectives.

The Battlefield community has a love/hate relationship with Operation Metro. If you loved it in Battlefield 3, you’ll love it here. If you don’t, changes made with Second Assault will do little to change your mind.

Caspian Border

Caspian Border sees some noticeable changes with Second Assault as well. A massive concrete wall stretches across a portion of the map where a chain link fence used to sit. Towers are positioned along the wall and are often filled with snipers. You won’t have to deal with snipers for long, though as tanks make quick work of the wall and towers.

Caspian Border gets a fresh coat of paint in Second Assault. The map is now set in the fall and looks amazing. Caspian Border’s levolution event centers around the massive radio tower in the middle. Knock it down, and a new route to opposing team’s flag points opens up.

Caspian Border was built for Conquest. Plenty of vehicles spell plenty of fun on this wide open map. Want to snipe on some of the ridges? Go for it. Want to dominate the skies? There are helicopters and planes abound.

Operation Firestorm

Operation Firestorm has taken a turn for the worst in Battlefield 4. Massive pipelines and fuel tanks are itching to be shot at. Slow the enemy down by setting parts of the map ablaze. Pull out your repair tool and hit the oil slicks for added fun. One of the main fuel tanks in the middle has a neat little anti-sniper feature. At the base of it, you’ll find a burn off switch. Hit the switch and roast any players who are camping up there.

Operation Firestorm is another solid Conquest match with a focus on vehicles. I also played Capture the Flag and had loads of fun.

Gulf of Oman

A staple in every ‘Battlefield’ title since Battlefield 2, Gulf of Oman returns to Battlefield 4. Gulf of Oman’s levolution comes straight out of Paracel Storm’s playbook. Instead of a ferocious tropical storm, a massive sandstorm blows in.

It looks fantastic and offers a major change in overall feel to the map. There’s not much else to say about Gulf of Oman. If you’ve played the last two Battlefield’s you know what to expect.

Capture the Flag

Fans of Capture the Flag will be happy to see the game mode return. Everyone knows the basics of Capture the Flag. In Battlefield’s version, first to 3 caps wins. Or, whoever has the most after time runs out. There are plenty of Battlefield moments to be had on Capture the Flag. Barely stopping an enemy from capping with an Apache helicopter never gets old.

You won’t be playing Capture the Flag on any of the original Battlefield 4 maps. The game mode is restricted to Second Assault maps only. A bit of a bummer as I would have liked to try out the mode on stock Battlefield 4 maps.

Weapons and Vehicles

Second Assault brings a handful of new weapons and vehicles with it. Each class gets a new weapon, plus there’s one new shotgun. Assignments are required to unlock the weapons, but they’re pretty easy to get. The F2000 is an earlier favorite with many of my deaths coming at the hands of it.

Vehicle wise, there’s two new ones. The Desert Patrol Vehicle and the Skid Loader. The Skid Loader isn’t good for much, but is entertaining to watch someone pull up to your flag in one.


I enjoyed playing Second Assault for a little bit, but I’m already starting to tire of the maps. Maybe it’s because I played Battlefield 3 too much, but I’m ready for something new.

Each map has some changes to it to make them feel a little fresher. Plus, playing with 64 players on them after playing with only 24 on consoles is nice.

Still, I’m already looking towards the next set of maps coming from DICE.

Second Assault offers a solid set of maps from Battlefield 3. If you skipped Battlefield 3, you’re in for a treat. For hardcore Battlefield players – it’s been there, done that.

Played the PS4 version of Battlefield 4: Second Assault