We all know most games are best played with friends, but some games fall into this category even more so. Ghost Recon Wildlands is one of them. Much like The Division, Wildlands is best played with a team of four. Coordination isn’t just key to the gameplay; it’s more fun. And Wildlands’ friendly AI just isn’t up to either task when playing solo.

That’s not to say the friendly AI doesn’t have its moments. Ordering your AI teammates to ‘Assault’ while cruising around in a SUV or flying a helicopter is badass. They lean out and rain bullets with pinpoint accuracy.

But those expecting an in-depth order system from classic Tom Clancy games should look to their friends. Not the AI.

Ubisoft’s marketing focuses on the game’s strengths in co-op. Take a look at the open beta trailer below.

I played the closed beta and wasn’t blown away. Then again, that’s more me wanting PvP multiplayer than what I was actually playing. We still haven’t heard a peep about PvP multiplayer other than it’s coming sometime post launch.

Wildlands does a lot of good things. Coordinating with friends during missions is a blast. But is also does a lot of not so good things. Vehicle controls (especially air vehicles) are atrocious. And some of the dialogue and voice acting is laughably bad. But I loved the gameplay feedback when shooting bad guys.

I do have some concerns about the game world, but it’s hard to judge the entire game on just one province. Especially, when there are 21 total.

Ubisoft is giving us a new province to play around in during this week’s open beta. Here’s how the devs describe it.

Itacua, a flourishing and mountainous province where the grip of the cartel is looser, ideal to perfect your sniping skills and get introduced to the Wildlands. Montuyoc, set in the snowy Altiplano, and the second province available in this Open Beta, is much more challenging – players who have suppressed the Itacua bosses will gain XP and skills boosts allowing them to face this dangerous area, home to Santa Blanca elite training centers. Players can of course confront Montuyoc right away… at their own risk.

I’ll be giving the open beta another go with all my friends, but I’m still on the fence about picking it up. I’m hooked on For Honor and Horizon: Zero Dawn is calling too. Wildlands will probably become a buy for me if, and when, we ever hear about PvP multiplayer.

Start pre-loading the open beta today and be ready when it goes live on February 23-27.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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