DOOM Eternal’s New Trailer Has It All

All the new games and hardware coming out in 2020, and it’s DOOM Eternal that I’m the most pumped to play. Today’s trailer only solidifies that. Bethesda hosted a livestream for the trailer a short while ago. In the lead up to the trailer, we were treated with some more epic music from Mick Gordon. One YouTuber recorded about 12 minutes of it. 

Alright, now the trailer.

Epic action, awesome music, and what feels like an expanded story. This trailer has it all. The new movement combined with the in-your-face shotgun-blasting action looks so damn good. And I can’t praise Mick Gordon’s work on the music enough. The way it compliments the gameplay is sublime.

The expanded story is the wild card here. DOOM 2016’s story took a less is more approach as it let the gameplay/music take center stage. It’s clear from the trailer that id Software wants to tell a bigger story here. As long as the gameplay/music are top tier, I’m on board for whatever ride id Software is taking us on. 

DOOM Eternal will rip and tear its way through PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Google Stadia on March 20th. Nintendo Switch fans will get their demon slaying on the go at a later date.