I’m counting down the days until Doom’s May 13 release date. I can’t wait to dive back into the fasted paced, arena multiplayer Doom and Unreal Tournament championed years ago.

Bethesda recently revealed a few more aspects of Doom’s multiplayer in a blog post – Warpath and Hack Modules.

Warpath is Doom’s version of ‘king of the hill.’ The ‘hill’ moves in a circle along a “clearly marked path” around each map. But the developers don’t want your focus to be on just the ‘hill.’ They added a demon rune that moves with the ‘hill,’ but on the opposite side of the map.

Doom multiplayer

This adds a layer of depth to the mode that should keep the action moving back and forth. As one team holds the hill, the other grabs the demon rune and breaks hill control. And then the cycle repeats. It’s a smart way to keep the action flowing and may keep one team from steamrolling the other too much. At the very least, it gives the team not in control of the hill potential options.

Doom Hack Modules

Call of Duty made the idea of ‘perks’ mainstream. Thankfully, Doom’s versions aren’t bad at all. They’re called Hack Modules and are single-use items. The ones described at Bethesda.net aren’t game-changing. They are much more ‘passive’ than the usual perks seen in other games.

One of them is called ‘Supply Timer’ and shows you respawn timers on pickups. Another called ‘Retribution’ shows the location and health of the last player who killed you. ‘Scout’ is the one I’m a bit iffy on. It shows you the location of all enemies for a few seconds after you spawn in.

Here’s how id Software’s Marty Stratton describes Hack Modules. “Think of Hack Modules as an emphasized awareness of your surroundings that may, if you utilize it well, make you more effective,” Stratton says. “Good players ‘see’ these things inherently. But none of these affect the game’s balance by changing how powerful your gun is or anything like that.”

Hack Modules are earned through Doom’s progression system and are not tied to a microtransaction system.

I’m on board with Hack Modules. None of them (so far) sound like they mess with the game’s balance. I’m not a fan of ‘Scout,’ but Doom’s gameplay moves fast enough that it shouldn’t really be an issue. It’s not like you are camping in Doom.

Have you played Doom’s multiplayer yet? Let me know what you think of it. I just hope Doom SnapMap lives up to its potential.

Heads-up Xbox One owners: Doom pre-orders also come with the original Doom and Doom 2 free.

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