Bethesda kicked off their E3 conference with Doom. Do you like your action frenetic and your guns big? Doom scratches both of those itches.

A few things immediately stand out in Doom.

The Graphics

It looks great. And, surprisingly, the colors pop. I love the minimal UI iD Software went with. Too often games are cluttered with UI. Wolfenstein: The New Order and Doom are great examples of functional UIs that don’t take away from the action on the screen.


Do the words “arena multiplayer” excite you? That’s how Bethesda describes Doom’s multiplayer. Map pickups and fast paced action? Sign me up.

Doom SnapMap

Creation tools rarely come to consoles. Doom SnapMap is iD’s take on mod tools. Bethesda says what is possible on Doom SnapMap is only limited by what you can come up with. We’ve all seen what dedicated players can make with mod tools. Just look at some of the mods created in Trials Fusion.

Doom SnapMap goes beyond just making multiplayer maps. Want to create a co-op horde mode? Go for it. You can even create and edit game logic to make new game modes.

I’m sure the custom game modes and maps that will come from SnapMap will blow our minds.

Bethesda and iD hit all the right notes with Doom. Looking fantastic isn’t the same as playing fantastic, but I will be keeping an eye on Doom. The potential is there for Doom to be incredible.

Doom is coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Spring 2016.


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