From the depths of hell to Martian facilities, DOOM’s multiplayer promises to be fast-paced and action filled. Nine maps will launch with DOOM on May 13. Four of them are teased in the 43-second trailer. And all I want is a DOOM soundtrack on Spotify.

Here are the four maps featured in the teaser with descriptions from Bethesda.

Helix – This is where they experiment on demons and develop advanced weaponry. Which, naturally, makes it perfect for a quick round of Clan Arena.

Experimenting on demons? I don’t see that plan going south.

Disposal – This smaller map is the main waste processing facility for the UAC research and residential complexes. Unsurprisingly, it’s full of radioactive slime.

Chasm – This massive map takes you deep below the polar ice caps of Mars. A great place to play Freeze Tag.

Infernal – A mid-sized Hell map with both interior and exterior elements. Lots of platforms and chasms, along with teleporters.

DOOM infernal map

Infernal isn’t the only map to feature teleporters. Bethesda says several maps include one or two-way teleporters. Yes, demons can travel through them too. And no, you can’t shoot rockets through them. C’mon Bethesda, where’s the fun in that.

Also, maps like Disposal feature hazards like radioactive slime. That, along with fire and energy/plasma, will kill humans. Demons are immune, though. With two exceptions. Lava and pits of death. Those will kill demons and humans.

Here are the five other multiplayer maps coming to DOOM.

Excavation – A modest-sized UAC mining outpost. Watch out for the rock grinder!

Perdition – Disjointed and sadistic, this ancient arena is populated by the agonized moans of unfortunate souls who have suffered within its realm.

Sacrilegious – Set within a fracture of Hell, this map offers clear lines of sight. Move fast… or die faster.

Heatwave – An industrial UAC facility with glistening halls that will soon be slicked with human (and demon) blood.

Beneath – Before being beamed to Earth, the energies of Hell are harnessed in this symmetrical and cavernous location.

I need a soundtrack album

Make it happen Bethesda! Oh, and let us hear the music while fragging each other in multiplayer. I can’t stand great multiplayer games that don’t integrate the music during matches. I’m looking at you Rocket League.

What do you think of the short multiplayer map teaser? I’ll say it until I’m playing DOOM. I can’t wait for SnapMap.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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