A few months ago it was the Apple Touch Bar. Over the weekend, DOOM hit another expensive toy – a Porsche 911. That’s what YouTuber Vexal will have you believe. He’s the guy who made a popular video using toasters to play DOOM.

Vexal’s videos work so well because they’re plausible. Would you be surprised if a Porsche 911 could run DOOM after seeing calculators, printers and seemingly everything else do it? There’s even a call back to his toaster video in this one. Check out the toaster chilling in the passenger seat until he moves it.

How does Vexal get DOOM running in his prank video? All you need is an original copy of DOOM, a flash drive and the car. In five minutes, you’ll be slaying demons while driving like a madman.

Take a flash drive with a single file containing your car’s VIN number. Insert it into the Porsche’s USB slot and start the car. This will get the computer system into debug mode. Insert the DOOM CD and select it on the console screen. I love how Vexal’s Porsche already has the perfect default control setup to play DOOM. Steer to move, honk to fire and gear shift to switch weapons. What the hell do the windshield wipers do?

Vexal’s video is a fun parody. What’s even funnier is seeing how many websites will write articles thinking this is real. All you have to do is watch his toaster video to realize he’s trolling everyone.

At least on that one, him slamming on the toasters didn’t sync up to what’s going on the monitor. He syncs up the action better in the Porsche video, but you can still see a couple of instances where it’s not lining up right. Still, it’s an entertaining video. Who knows, it might inspire someone to actually get it working.

If you still think it’s real, check out the Reddit thread for gems like these from Vexal.

Some Japanese cars are better for running JRPGs. You can run American games on them too usually but the experience might be sub optimal.

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