We are less than two months away from the fast-paced demon killing action of DOOM. And today, Bethesda highlights the six DOOM multiplayer modes launching in May. Here’s the trailer.

Another DOOM trailer, more badass music.

After playing The Division for two straight weeks, I’m itching for another competitive shooter. DOOM multiplayer is shaping up to fit the bill quite nicely.

Let’s break down the modes just saw in the trailer.

Soul Harvest

You’ve played Call of Duty right? This is Kill Confirmed with a DOOM-style twist. When you die, you drop a ‘soul.’ If the enemy team grabs it, they get a point. Or, you can sprint in and prevent them from scoring.

The DOOM twists don’t stop there. Whoever dies first also drops a demon rune. And this demon rune doesn’t have a time limit. If you manage to grab the rune, each enemy character you kill drops two souls instead of one. Manage to kill the demon? Five souls will drop.

Doom multiplayer melee

It’s a cool take on Kill Confirmed, but I can already see matches where the better teams quickly secure victory.

Freeze Tag

Alright, this sounds cool. Instead of killing people when you shoot them, you freeze them. Players will slide around when shot or ran into.

How do you get unfrozen? Teamwork. I know, I know. Whoever isn’t frozen can unfreeze players by being nearby. The more unfrozen players, the faster frozen players will ‘thaw.’ Whoever freezes all the other team’s players first wins.


Another name for King of the Hill with some slight variations. Warpath features a single capture point moving along a set path. And it’s not a DOOM mode without a demon rune. Do you go straight the capture point, or fight for the demon rune? I’m heading for the demon rune.


It’s a shooter staple. Three capture points are spread out across the map. Score points the longer you hold the capture points. The more capture points you control, the more points you score. A demon rune makes another appearance and will help break enemy capture points.

Team Deathmatch

Two teams, Whoever has the most kills wins. Simple.

Clan Arena

Don’t want to deal with map pick-ups or regenerating health? This is the mode for you. It’s an elimination mode with the last team standing wins.

What’s missing?

There are a handful of curious omissions. Where is regular deathmatch? What about 1v1? Seems odd to see a DOOM game without a Duel (1v1) mode. We’ll see what SnapMap can do for these game modes. Shouldn’t be too hard to get 1v1 modes set up.

DOOM is coming on May 13 and will ship with six game modes and nine multiplayer maps. Seems a little on the slim slide, but every trailer I see just has me wanting to play it even more. And SnapMap? I’m crossing my fingers for a fantastic arena shooter come May. Oh, and give us a soundtrack already.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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