About the only entity that hadn’t commented on Sony pulling ‘The Interview’ last week was SNL. That changed Saturday night when they brought in Mike Myers to reprise his Dr. Evil role from the Austin Powers series.

Mike Myers / Dr. Evil used SNL’s cold open to take a swipe at North Korea and Sony, telling both they were giving evil a bad name. “Look, I saw The Interview,” he said, addressing Sony. “It was charming. But if you really want to put a bomb in a theater, do what I did: put in The Love Guru.”

Yeah, if you want to be put asleep, fire up The Love Guru. As for The Interview? Rumors are circling that Sony is looking at a digital release of the film, possibly on the company’s video-on-demand, Crackle.

That was reported in The New York Post, and has since been walked back. At this point, the publicity surrounding The Interview will far outstrip what it would have done at the box office. Sony should just release it for $5 and partner with Amazon. The sales would be ridiculous.

Insurance claims have already papered over the production costs, so anything at this point would be a win. Plus, you cannot let North Korea dictate what is shown in the United States. Especially a Seth Rogen movie.

Check out Mike Myers reprise his role Austin Powers below.


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