It didn’t take long for Dr. Oz to respond to the ten doctors who fiercely criticized the doctor’s show and his recommendations. The group of ten sent a letter to Columbia University asking Oz be stripped of his vice chairmanship.

Their rationale? What many call suspect health claims made on the show regarding several products.

The letter didn’t hold back, with one doctor calling Dr. Mehmet Oz a fake and charlatan. Another said he was starstruck by his newfound television fame. Tell us how you really feel.

Dr. Oz focused on the criticism in the letter in regards to his stance on GMO foods. Yeah, best to avoid talking about green coffee extract. He took to Facebook, and his show to push back on the notion he has claimed GMO foods are dangerous.

dr oz responds to critics

“I do not claim that GMO foods are dangerous, but believe that they should be labeled like they are in most countries.” And on Thursday, he said, “I have never judged GMO foods.”

Spending several minutes defending himself from the attack on his show, he questioned the motives of the doctors signing the letter.

“The 10 doctors who attacked me got what they intended — sensational headlines and sound bites. I have long believed doctors should never fight their battles, or each other, in public.”

A Time Magazine essay continued his push-back against his critics:

“I have spent my entire career searching for ways to lessen the suffering of my patients. The best and safest paths have generally been the traditions of conventional medicine. They are tried and true, well-funded, and fast. But there are other routes to healing that offer wisdom as well, so I have been willing to explore alternative routes to healing and share any wisdom that can be gathered. I have done this throughout my career as a surgeon, professor, author and, of late, as a talk-show host. Despite being criticized, I want to continue exploring for myself and my audience.”

Deeper in the essay, he also points to the backgrounds and ties the ten doctors have. Everything from tobacco industry ties to a Medicaid fraud. So much for not fighting their battles in public.

While this isn’t the first time Dr. Oz has been called out on his television advice, his strident defense shows he’s not changing his ways anytime soon.

At the end of the day, ratings are ratings.


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