Rumors with a side of a grainy photo. But it could offer our first look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Dr. Strange. The photo comes from Twitter user @Technicalyright. I love the perfect username.

Hmmm, I don’t know. Let’s see if we can get closer in on the film crew:

dr. strange first image

I couldn’t resist. These sort of set photos, if confirmed, always bother me. There’s zero context behind them. What!? Dr. Strange is a hobo? That’s not in the comics.

We are seeing the sausage being made. Sometimes that’s something you like to see, other times it turns you into a Vegan. The picture above? You don’t want to see it. You want to see what Scott Derrickson has planned for the character.

Not a grainy shot from an ancient cell phone camera.

If the picture is accurate, it speaks more to the origin. Remember, he was a surgeon whose career was destroyed. Then a sorcerer takes him under his wing to help him fight against evil.

But yeah, let’s make sure Nikon opens a store in Nepal for better set shots.

Dr. Strange releases November 4, 2016, and stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton and Rachel McAdams.


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