From the bottom to the top, now Drake’s a T-Mobile shill.

The Super Bowl commercial extravaganza is starting to worry me. First, Liam Neeson being Liam Neeson in what I think was a commercial to sell me an LG OLED TV. I could be wrong, LG might have watched Tron the night before.

Now, T-Mobile gives us Drake. What song annoys the hell out people that T-Mobile can put into an ad? Hotline Bling. Hell yes, it even has ‘cell phone’ in the lyrics. Hot damn, we’re advertising geniuses.

The checks companies write for these commercials must be obscene. How else do you convince Drake to dance around and annoy the hell out of Super Bowl fans for 30-seconds?

T-Mobile is trying to get in front of the disastrous BingeOn rollout. Notice there’s no mention of the service. Instead, the push is that no data charges are incurred on T-Mobile’s music streaming offerings. You almost did it T-Mobile, except the commercial sucks.

T-Mobile and Drake super bowl commercial

Drake in his trademark turtleneck and Timberlands with Hotline Bling in the background? What could go wrong? Ah right, Drake is dancing and doing the Drake hands.


Sigh, when will companies realize having a damn hashtag never ends well? It’s the Internet. Automatically assume the default personality is a 12-year-old raging out on Mountain Dew and Skittles. Work from that base in all things corporate marketing.

Drake? Borrowing a line from Cris Carter: C’mon man.

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