Need Drone Inspiration? Watch this Aerial Timelapse

Tip of the hat to Visual Suspect, a Hong Kong-based production company, for its latest work. Using the Greek island of Folegandros, the team has created what they are dubbing ‘orbital drone-lapses.’ The three-minute video, titled Low Earth Orbit, used a camera drone to fly in a giant orbit to capture the footage.

It’s undoubtedly stunning. One critique would be to slow it down when it’s orbiting the lighthouse. I already have vertigo. One of the commenters on the Vimeo page for the video brings up an interesting point. Paired with the music, the real-time footage would be a great watch.

How do you make your own? Well, having a Greek Island at your disposal helps for scenery, but it can be accomplished like the timelapses we see everywhere. First, you’ll need a camera drone. Find a landmark to center the camera on and either set the orbital flight or go manual. Then speed up the resulting the footage.

Jump over to their Vimeo page for more inspiration.

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