Best known for cloud storage and filing sharing, Dropbox is expanding its scope in a big way. Yesterday, Dropbox announced several new products.

CEO Drew Houston described Dropbox’s new vision at a launch event in San Francisco. “We’re moving from one app, called Dropbox, to a family of apps.”

Carousel will bring all of your photos into one interface and allow you to share them. Using Carousel, you’ll be able to share photos with other people even if the recipient doesn’t have the app. The person on the receiving end will get an SMS or email alert with a link to the photos. However, everyone will need the app if you wish to use the chat function in Carousel. Carousel is out now for iOS and Android devices.

Dropbox didn’t stop with just a photo sharing app. Project Harmony is a new service aimed at businesses. The service is being designed to provide easy collaboration on work documents by allowing several people to edit each file at the same time.

When Dropbox users work together on files such as those in PowerPoint, Excel or Word, visual cues will alert you when someone is making changes. Project Harmony will also utilize a chat service directly in Microsoft software’s interface.

Finally, Dropbox announced Dropbox for Business, which was in beta since November, is now available.

It’s clear Dropbox wants to expand into a company known for something other than cloud storage. The addition of Carousel and Project Harmony should help Dropbox retain users and attract new ones.


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