Lenovo is trying to get in front of the freight train that is Apple with its launch of the YOGA line of tablets and laptop. The company brought in Ashton Kutcher last year to act as a ‘product engineer’. That’s a business euphemism for they wanted someone to inject some possible coolness into the brand.

Ashton Kutcher worked with the Chinese tech giant to develop the YOGA line of tablets. He had input ranging from the design, software, specifications and differing usage scenarios. The company even had him introduce the devices to the masses ahead of the October 16 Apple iPad event.

The YOGA platform definitely wins on the design aesthetic. Someone at the company finally figured out that looks can sell a product. You will see some negative coverage of the 13-inch tablet being too big, but Apple is preparing to launch its own giant tablet. It’s hard to use words like bag-busting size when we are all fawning over a 12.9 inch iPad Pro rumor.

One interesting feature is that they come with a projector built-in. Have an empty wall? Now you have a big screen to watch Netflix on. It’s an interesting feature, and sets the company apart from others. Other specs include the Intel Atom processor, an 8 megapixel rear camera and what Lenovo dubs surround sound speakers.

During his remarks, Kutcher pushed the YOGA lineup as the best tablet on the market. “To do that, we really looked at how people use tablets and what they needed for a better experience. The YOGA Tablet 2 Pro has got the best sound, a dramatically brilliant camera and display, a new mode, a projector and top processor, so I think we created the best tablet available. I can’t wait for people to try it.”

It isn’t always the best tablets that rush out the door, but the best positioned companies. Apple and Samsung have cornered the tablet market, and it’s up to companies like Lenovo to make up the ground. That takes a lot of advertising. Lenovo already has a series of ads featuring Kutcher to push the tablet. If they want to make a dent in market share, these need to be on as many networks as possible.

Check out Lenovo today to see more videos and information on the YOGA line.

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