Jack Wedge uploaded a video of himself beating every fighter in the classic NES boxing game Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!. All while blindfolded.

“I am the first human being, that we know of, to have gone 14-0 in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out blindfolded,” Wedge says after beating Mike Tyson. “Yeahhhh, man!”

Back in 2014, Sinister1 tried to take down Iron Mike during the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event. He reached Mike Tyson, but couldn’t beat him. He compared the odds of beating Mike Tyson to winning the powerball. He noted that every other fighter has patterns. But, Tyson often throws his punches at random.

Wedge says Sinister1’s blindfolded run was one of his inspirations for his attempt, and ultimate success at beating Mike Tyson’s Punch Out! while blindfolded.

Wedge accomplished the feat above on an emulated version of Punch-Out played on Wii. He did say he would try to do it again on the original NES version soon.

Allegations of the video being faked have begun to pop up. Wedge denied these allegations in comments to Gamespot.

I don’t think it’s fake, but I would like to see Wedge do it at next year’s Awesome Games Done Quick event. Make that happen.


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