Dumb and Dumber recut into a drama worthy of an Oscar

Dumb and Dumber Totally Redeemed As Oscar-Caliber Film

Leave it to the folks at Mashable Watercooler Trailer Mix to recut the classic comedy, Dumb and Dumber, into a drama worthy of an Oscar.

How? Some slick editing, smooth cuts, a dramatized score and the right font. Oh, and a lot of spare time.

You have to give them props. Completely flips the genre of the film. Credits go to Jon Tomlinson for the incredible editing, and Dust McClean for both producing and narrating the two-minute trailer.

Who knows, it could be the film that turns Jim Carrey into a serious actor. Oh wait…

Dumb and Dumber dramatic trailer

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How about Inception as a holiday comedy?

Transformers as a 1950s B-Movie? Hell, wasn’t it already a ‘B?’

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