Christopher Nolan is back and no Dylan Thomas poems get stuck in your head. The first teaser for Dunkirk is out, and it looks amazing. No Inception music blasting, yet. More than enough suspense to have you hooked. Oh, and Harry Styles isn’t in the trailer to the dismay of his legions of fans.

It’s what a teaser should be. It captures the suspense of the Dunkirk evacuation during WWII.

Until I made the mistake of reading the YouTube comment about the extra at 0:41. Now I can’t unsee the guy smiling at the Stuka dive bomber in the final scene of the trailer. Brother, it’s not there to give you a lift to England…

I know. Everyone will immediately jump to the scene from The Dark Knight Rises in which Nolan obviously didn’t give a damn what the extras were doing. But that’s a Batman movie. It’s not like those won’t get remade and remade again.

Dunkirk teaser

The trailer is being tied to Suicide Squad, so if you need to see it on the big screen, get your tickets. You may want to avoid reading reviews of the movie until after the fact.

If you loved the film style of Interstellar, you’ll like what you see in Dunkirk. Nolan collaborator shot Dunkirk in 65mm and IMAX film cameras. Just make sure whoever does the sound editing doesn’t fall asleep this time.

Dunkirk releases on July 19, 2017. Who can say no to a WWII movie in IMAX? Smiling extra and all.


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