WANDRD is at it again on Kickstarter. The company is back with Duo, the daypack/backpack for the photographers, travelers, commuters, creators, and for the people who feel like pressure washing their backpack full of camera gear.

Assuming this means it’s machine washable

Pretty sure that’s not what they mean by weather sealing, but it makes a badass GIF. And hey, automatic car washes can be downright evil. I had a tow chain whip through a window and nearly take my head off. Obviously, the universe has a sense of humor when it comes to me. If I had the Duo daypack, everything would have been kept dry.

Why WANDRD? The company was born on Kickstarter. Molded by five successful campaigns. And the company is back with what they are calling the ultimate daypack. Plus, the company was founded by two brothers, so props to them as News Ledge is a two-brother operation.

Head over to the campaign page.

DUO Features

It can take pressure washing, which is excellent. We now have a viable solution to overheating cameras and MacBook Pros. The DUO utilizes their InfiniteZip system for dual side access. You get easy access to your gear, so you don’t miss a shot. DUO’s zip system also allows for top access and full access anywhere, anytime. WANDRD is not responsible for you leaving your headphones at home. Take some personal responsibility.

WANDRD DUO Kickstarter

A pop camera cube allows for better protection of your camera. Pop it up for max protection. Pop it down when you don’t. Not sure if it could take a tow chain and a pressure washer, but if WANDRD wants to do it for science, they have their next GIF.

It wouldn’t be a daypack without serious organization, and the DUO doesn’t disappoint. With multiple stretch, padded, and zip pockets, you can load it down with everything you think you might need for the day. Even things you don’t need, but you have the room, so why not?

WANDRD DUO Materials

If it can be pressure washed, it’s not your average nylon. Each DUO is constructed with 840D Jr. ballistic nylon with a 5pm coating for the body. The back panel is molded EVA foam with dual airflow channels to keep you cool. On the bottom, WANDRD opted for 1680D ballistic nylon. Grab handles are nylon seatbelt webbing, so you’re getting function and comfort.

Have no clue what any of the above means? It’s built like a tank but a stylish one with a lifetime warranty. No matter what happens, WANDRD will make it right. They probably shouldn’t have thrown in the Bear Grylls joke on the campaign page, because no way would I honor the warranty from someone who sleeps inside a dead animal. That’s just weird and the Holiday Inn Express is right across the street.

Tech specs on the DUP have it weighing in at 2.6 pounds, and the dimensions are 19.5in x 11.5in x 6.5in. Total storage volume is right at 20L.

DUO Daypack Kickstarter Details

With five successful campaigns, WANDRD has crowdfunding down pat. The goal was $25K, but the company raised nearly $300K in the first day. Deliveries are expected by Christmas, and a pledge of $190 will secure you a DUO Daypack.

Head over to the campaign page for more information and the best smartass humor you’ll read all day.

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