Visually, Mad Max: Fury Road looks incredible. The sand storm sequence is just amazing looking. It screams IMAX. We are getting another look at the film today, this time with a bit of plot thrown in with the spectacle.

With the film slated for May 15, George Miller, the writer and co-director, seems intent on dialing the hype surrounding this movie to the max. Well, mission accomplished, George. I’m beyond hyped for this movie.

Tom Hardy plays the title character, the post-apocalyptic hero. He may have also raided the Batman prop closet for Bane masks. The guy could make a killing in the Mad Max world selling masks.

The trailer offers a glimpse of what Charlize Theron’s character will be doing throughout the movie. Instead of just stunning visuals, we get some narrative structure. Does Mad Max need a nailed down plot? Not with this madness going on, but it helps flesh out what to expect.

Over-the-top stunts and amazing cinematics are everywhere in this trailer. Seriously, what insane stunt company won this contract? You people are nuts.

Oh, and who wouldn’t want a apocalyptic truck complete with amplifiers? Toss in the crazy dude with the flamethrower guitar and you have your next block party. Yeah, one-up that summer music festivals.

In addition to Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult and Hugh Keays-Byrne star in what is shaping up to be a summer blockbuster.

Mark your calendars for the May 15 release date. It’s going to one hell of a day.


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