Dyson does it again. Only they seem to be able to get me excited about a fan or a vacuum. Now? It’s an air purifier. The Dyson Pure Cool. For a second, the company had me dreaming of a fan/AC combo I could move around.

No, the $500 Dyson will keep allergens and pollutants out of your home. The HEPA filter is rated to knock out 99.97 percent of the irritants. Other than the obvious, why is it important to use an air purifier in the home?

The EPA estimates that the air in your house right now could be as much as five times more polluted than outside your window. Ok, I’ll be cleaning the house today. Thanks, Dyson.

Looking outside my window is nothing but sheets of pollen in the right now. The Dyson looks great, but what in the world do I do about the forest of pine trees I live in?

Front yard full of pine trees

How many air purifiers would that take?

Dyson Pure Cool

Keeping the bladeless design, the Pure Cool has a 360-degree Glass HEPA filter to trap allergens from every side. To push the pure air out, the company sticks with the Air Multiplier technology. So a fan and air purifier in one. If you’re looking at a Dyson fan, may as well get one that is dual-purpose.

Of course, it wouldn’t be 2016 without an app. Owners can download the Dyson Link app to monitor air quality and other connected devices. Oh, and to turn it on from the couch.

Let’s be real. That’s why we want the app. Air quality? Sure, that’s nice. But not getting off the couch to adjust the fan? Technology.

Dyson Pure Cool in white

Dyson, when are we getting the robot vacuum here stateside? The Pure Cool is nice, but I want this monster:

The air purifier is available today in both white or blue for $500. Allergy sufferers rejoice. You can pair the antihistamine with a Dyson fan.

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