E-Sports are here to stay. Those who follow it already knew this. The amount of growth in competitive gaming over the past five years has been insane. While games such as Counter Strike, League of Legends and DOTA 2 get the most spotlight, E-Sports on consoles have also seen big growth. Specifically, on Xbox platforms.

MLG, and its partners (UMG, etc.), have turned the Call of Duty competitive scene into a powerhouse, even with a lackluster Call of Duty game this past year in Ghosts.

E-Sports’ growth on console continues on Xbox One today with the launch of the ESL Gaming app.

Here’s Major Nelson describing ESL Gaming and the app in a post.

ESL is the largest independent eSports brand in the world, running online competitions globally and filling sports stadiums for live events. Today, we’re bringing it to Xbox One. eSports on consoles has never been easier; with ESL on Xbox One you can directly find tournaments within the app, sign up without a second screen and open a match via the “My Matches” section. Within your match sheet you can see your opponent’s gamer picture and gamertag, contact them directly to exchange details on how to find each other in-game and enter the results directly within the app. You can even find news about featured Xbox tournaments and games.

The news of ESL Gaming on Xbox One comes not even a week after Sony launched their own E-Sports league on Playstation 4. That announcement came at a press event in Spain. It has launched in Spain with expansions into Portugal and Italy coming soon.

As for the U.S.? No official word yet, but I would imagine it would eventually make its way over here.

The launch of the ESL Gaming app comes just a few weeks before the release of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Halo: Master Chief Collection. Two titles which are sure to be popular on the app.

The ESL app releases today and you can find it on the Xbox One Store.


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