Those looking for something to watch on Xbox Live are in for a documentary treat on November 20. That’s the release date for Atari: Game Over. The headline grabber of the documentary was the excavation of the Atari E.T. cartridges that were burned and buried in a New Mexico landfill.

While the dig to recover the pit of games gave it the needed press, it isn’t what the documentary is solely about. The film looks at Atari’s initial success and ultimate failure. Howard Scott Warshaw had the unenviable task of designing and releasing the E.T. game in just a matter of weeks.

To say that the game was terrible is an understatement. It probably jump started just about every movie tie-in game being horrible.

There’s a bit irony with the documentary. It was supposed to herald Microsoft’s entry into original content. Instead, the Xbox Entertainment Studio was shuttered abruptly back in July. So, this and the Halo Nightfall series are all viewers will get.

So, Game Over has its release date. The same fate hit Xbox’s Entertainment division over the summer. Before it even got off the ground. I wouldn’t be expecting a documentary on the demise of the studio. More of a ‘what could have been.’


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