The year just started, and we’re already talking about E3. I love it. Today, EA announced a three-day event they are calling EA Play. But don’t worry, EA will still have a press conference. It will kick off EA Play on Sunday, June 12 at 1 PM PST. Just give me gameplay of Battlefield 5 and Mass Effect: Andromeda and EA can do whatever the hell they want.

An EA rep told Gamespot that the publisher will not have its regular booth at the LA Convention Center for E3. But they will still hold private meetings.

EA offered a few more details for their stand alone event. The publisher rented out Club Nokia and will host hands-on demos, live events, competitions, special guest appearances and more. And if you can’t make it out to LA, EA has your back and will live stream the event.

Why is EA ditching their E3 presence?

Companies have more power than ever when it comes to releasing information. I’m surprised it’s taking publishers this long. Last year, we saw Bethesda do their first press conference ever for E3. It helped that Bethesda had a lot to show including the reveal of Fallout 4 and Doom 4.

Mass Effect Andromeda

For EA, it makes perfect sense. Their lineup is packed. Mass Effect: Andromeda, the next Battlefield, the next Titanfall, Visceral’s Star Wars game, their normal slate of sports titles and more. Plus, whatever else they decide to announce. EA will probably talk about some of these games before their June event, but they will still have a heavy presence there. If I recall, previous Battlefield games were revealed around March.

The beginning of the end for E3?

I’m not calling E3 dead yet, but E3 organizers have to be just a little bit worried. Large events like this are losing their relevancy. Publishers can host reveal events on Twitch and YouTube and dominate the news cycle. Barring any other publisher jumping in the mix, EA is going to rule the Sunday before E3. Mass Effect: Andromeda, Battlefield 5 and Titanfall 2? You damn right I’m tuning in for that. And EA knows it.

I want to see what Bethesda is planning for E3. Last year’s press conference made sense because of their lineup. Will they do it again this year? If they do, we could be seeing the beginning of the end for E3.

Man, I hope not. You can’t beat the sheer amount of game reveals, trailers and other surprises every E3 offers. But at the same time, so many games get lost in the shuffle.

As for EA Play? No word yet if it will be free or if you need to pay to get in. Keep an eye on their website for more information.

Let me know what you think. Do you like the move by EA to host a three-day event? Or, do you enjoy the spectacle of E3?

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