Ready the pitchforks, early adopters are upset at Google today. With The Google I/O conference kicking off, news broke that the latest version of Google Glass will be bumped from 1GB of RAM to 2GB. Ok Glass, they are officially upset.

The technorati that has to have every new shiny object plunked down is up in arms and demanding that they get the upgrade free of charge. Google has been silent on the issue, but at $1500 to give yourself a migraine, is it unreasonable to get the latest greatest? After all, the Glass Explorers are essentially your brand ambassadors.

Who else would pay $1500 for a pair of Google Glass? Ok, so I did drop nearly that at my last eye care visit, but that’s what you get when you start going to trendy eye care spots.

Google+ commenters are up in arms over the upgrade and are demanding a replacements. Personally, I think this is a win for Google. People are actually using Google+. That in itself justifies giving some sort of consolation prize.

It isn’t all bad news for Glass Explorers. If you are completely inept at looking at something and taking a picture, Google has unveiled a new stealthy viewfinder. The wearer just says the phrase, “Ok Glass, show viewfinder.’ Easy enough. 4 L-shaped marks appear on-screen and you can happily snap your latest buy at Starbucks.

Additional Google Now cards are rolling out to Glass users. Forget where you parked your car. Just watch the screen and hopefully you don’t get run over. Package alerts will now come through to the device.

The Google I/O conference officially starts today in San Francisco. The pre-announcements have come fast and furious with new Glassware apps, Nest buying Dropcam and Google deciding it wants to kill off GoDaddy.

We will let you know if the early adopters get some sort of discount on the new model of Google Glass. Or, if Google takes a hardline and treats it like the new cell phone models that come out every year.


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