Hey look, another remaster. Gearbox and 2K have announced Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Didn’t get a chance to play Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel? The Handsome Collection includes both along with their DLC.

Improvements have been made to both titles with better graphics, cross-platform saved games and four-player split screen. Game Informer reports both versions “will run at 1080p and up to 60 frames per second.” (emphasis mine)

Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will retail for $59.99 and release on March 24th. I think 2K would have been better off releasing this game during the summer drought.

Publishers love remastering games this console generation. I guess you can’t really fault them. There’s interest for them and they cost a lot less than creating something brand new. Publicly traded companies are always on the lookout for easy money.

A $400 Collector’s Edition!?

Besides a $60 regular edition, Gearbox and 2K also announced a $400 Collector’s Edition – called The Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition. Here’s what you get for the price of a PS4 – the game of course, twelve lithographs and a remote-controlled Claptrap.

My first thoughts? No way in hell would I buy one. After seeing the video below, I want it.

The Collector’s Edition actually means something with The Claptrap-in-a-Box Edition. It’s being limited to 5,000 units, so you’ll want to be quick if you want one.

Are you interested in a remaster of two Borderlands titles? This screams wait for a sale for me. I still have too many games from last year to get through. When will publishers learn to target May through August for game releases. Ubisoft proved there’s appetite for summer games with Watch Dogs last year.


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