High fidelity sound without breaking the bank? No absurd branding – looking at you Beats? That’s Echobox, an audio company launched on the back of Indiegogo in 2015. Now the company is gearing up for a June release of three in-ear hi-fi earbuds priced between $100 and $300.

Yeah, you’ll need the headphone jack. Courage doesn’t equal high fidelity sound. Powering the earbuds (earphones) drivers is a material known to the company as PEEK, or polyetheretherketone, a high-tensile polymer. Yeah, PEEK rolls off the tongue better…

It allows Echobox to cut weight but still handle a lot of power. It equates to the same sound you’d get with an over-the-ear headphone that’s nearly twenty times the size. Hard to argue with that.

echobox hi-fi earbuds Nomad

Most earbuds in the price range typically produce distorted audio the heavier the bass. Echobox promises clear mids and highs to accompany those of us who love deep bass. The company has taken to calling themselves the anti-Beats. Right on. Please, no over-the-top marketing videos about innovating aluminum…

Ecobox Options

The Traveler ($99) is the entry-level hi-fi earbuds. Like its more expensive siblings, it’s made with the same 9.2mm PEEK diaphragm. Stepping up from the Traveller is the Finder ($159) which uses a longer resonance chamber for more mids and highs. For those audiophiles, the Nomad ($299) is the option you’ll want. It has a bigger soundstage and allows you to swap cables for more sound customization.

Traveller echobox hi-fi earbuds

If that’s not enough, the company offers the Explorer ($600). It’s a portable hi-fi audio player that converts digital files into analog signals. You’re undoubtedly diving deep into the world of audio grabbing the Explorer, which is shaped like a flask. While the $600 seems steep, it is decidedly cheaper than other hi-fi options.

echobox hi-fi audio player

What about Spotify and Others?

If you just want better sound, the Traveller is your best option. Spotify is still rolling out better audio technology, but the company promises a night and day experience when using the earbuds. Echobox wants it to be a gateway drug to high fidelity audio and convert the masses into audiophiles.

Echobox Availability

The Finder is available now, while the Traveler, Nomad, and Explorer (audio player) are in preorders with shipping this month and June. Head over to Echobox to learn more.

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