Metal music fan? Go ahead, name your favorite band or singer. Got it? Was Ed Sheeran on that list? The British acoustic rocker covered some of the most popular metal songs (and a few fake ones) in a Tonight Show skit.

Jimmy Fallon set the stage with a fake infomercial promoting “Ed Sheeran Sings: Heavy Metal.” Now I want the album to be real. Especially when Sheeran dives into an acoustic version of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff.’

Go ahead, admit it. You liked Limp Bizkit when they came out. It’s ok, we’ve all moved on and can laugh at our youthful indiscretions and lack of taste.

But, for whatever reason, I like Sheeran covering this. It’s hilarious to YouTube the original and compare it to the cover.

It wouldn’t be an infomercial without a ‘wait, there’s more.’ Ed Sheeran also covered hardcore rap. Yeah, a white, British guy rapping with an acoustic guitar.

jimmy fallon ed sheeran

His cover of Ty Dolla $ign is perfection. The video does have some explicit language, but it’s not anything you haven’t heard before.

If you always wondered what it would sound like if an acoustic British rocker covered Iron Maiden, Limp Bizkit and Ty Dolla $ign, your question has been answered.

Sheeran should make the album and release it. Makes us remember the glory days of Limp Bizkit.


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