Fans of EDM rejoice. The most popular DJ app is getting a serious upgrade today. Ok, you may not be on your way to getting paid $200k per night like the top tier DJs, but we can damn sure dream. Deezer, a music streaming service, has announced a tighter integration with edjing.

What does this mean for users of edjing? For one, you can expect access to more music to mix. Discovery is becoming the hallmark of all apps, and the integration promises to unlock Deezer’s recommendation tools. That includes top charts, Deezer picks and themed radio channels.

The integration with Deezer Premium+ gives users the ability to mix from over 50 million tracks, including the 30 million in Deezer’s catalog. If you can’t find some way to mix up a party playlist from that number, google a tutorial.

Statements have been released from both sides. Jean-Baptistse Hironde, the CEO of edjing talked about the history of the app and where it is head. ‘‘In 2012, edjing and Deezer had the ambition to innovate in the music track-mixing field. That’s what we’ve done since then. As from today, with the new edjing, users will enjoy an even richer DJing experience. With these evolutions and the optimized Deezer integration, edjing remains the most powerful DJ app currently on the market.’’

Deezer’s founder, Daniel Marhely talked about the relationship between his company and edjing. ‘‘When we first partnered with edjing over two years ago, we had the common goal of giving new opportunities to users and refreshing tired old mixing techniques. Today, we want to take this even further providing music fans with increasingly innovative features, while helping them to discover more of the music they love.’’

Edjing and Social

We live in a world of social media, and the new version of edjing recognizes that. Three new features will improve the overall experience off the app. Edjing World will become the social network for edjers. The app will connect you with DJs around the world and let you share and discover new mixes. It may not get you to private jet-style DJing, but it can’t hurt your climb.

Global Search is where the Deezer integration comes in. Access to over 50 million tracks. Mix away DJs. Mix away.

A redesigned interface is also a part of the new version. The UI has been updated, making things easier to navigate. Personally, I prefer the iPad version. More surface area to really use the app.

Edjing’s Funding and New Look

Along with the premium features the app offers, the company recently secured $2.5 million in funding. Judging by the intro video, it looks like it is being put to good use.

If any of you out there become the next Avicii, I will take a vacation to whatever hotspot. Check out the intro video below. Also, if you want to try your hand at the app, visit edjing’s site. It is available on all platforms, including Windows 8. I know, Windows being shown some love.


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