I’ll admit it. I’m the moron that buys coca-cola cans if they are in a new bottle. So, when I saw Eero, I immediately want it. Do I need it? Hell no, but that’s not the point. It looks so much better than my Linksys router.

It looks like a slab of white porcelain, which offers the comparison to a slab of your toilet, but it’s all good. It does what Nest does for thermostats to your router. You don’t expressly need a Nest, but damn it looks good.

It has all the features of your basic router you bought from Amazon. It’s wireless, an extender and access points rolled into one. If you want to completely cover your house in a mesh network, you’ll need three. I have no idea why I insist on sitting on the other side of the house to watch Netflix either.

The devices run diagnostics on the fly, so you’ll never contemplate seppuku talking to Comcast. Security fixes are automatically downloaded to the devices, and weekly reports on network activity is sent. If you run into issues, Nick Weaver, founder of Eero, says the standard IT fix works. Just reboot it.

Set-Up Eero

Plug and play. Just plug it into your DSL or cable modem and you’re good. Place the remaining devices around your house to create your network. You can monitor the activity on the network from anywhere in the world. Sorry kids, your parents can see you bingeing Netflix instead of homework.

What Does Eero Solve?

The biggest WiFi concern is security. Eero aims to solve that with password management. ‘Owners’ will have full admin rights, with users being able to invite ‘guests’ to the network.

Having multiple devices will eliminate dead zones and the dreaded ‘buffering.’ Each Eero will cover approximately 1000 square feet. Having multiple nodes will also decrease network saturation, an issue that is popping up with more frequency as more smart devices make it into the home.

Will Eero Become a Design Must Have?

For people like me that geek out over interesting designs, sign me up. For the regular person that just wants to watch Netflix, the jury is out. Then again, who would have thought a nice looking thermostat would take the smart house by storm? Counting out Eero this early is a mistake.

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