Sorry Officemax, those routers are ugly. Some were questioning if people would sign on to buying a stylish router, and that’s been answered. A resounding yes. In a Medium post, the team has updated their first week.

Results of the pre-orders have been nothing short of astounding. In just over two hours, the team had booked $100,000 in orders. By noon on that Thursday? Try a million dollars. A few zeroes here, a few there and soon it’s real money.

Most of the orders have come for the system, which includes three Eero devices. You can gravitate to the lonely corner of your apartment for Netflix without the dreaded fear of ‘buffering.’

The great news from Eero does come with scarcity. The pre-order pricing cannot stay in place much longer. Until February 15, the $125 price tag for a single system and $299 for a 3-pack will remain in effect.

After that? Pricing goes up to $199 and $499 respectively. I’m not sure your girlfriend will agree this is a great Valentine’s Day gift, but you want to take advantage of the deal before it expires.

Shipping for pre-orders will be stay the same with the increased price. You will get them before the general public. Yeah, I want a system too. You have to credit incredible design.

The Eero team is promising to keep customers updated as they work to get the systems in your homes soon.


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