Which is worse? Wearing the El Chapo shirt or listening to Sean Penn drone on and on? I’d take a squad of pissed off Mexican Marines any day over Sean Penn.

Anyone else notice the Mexican Marines leading the raid brought a damn crate of grenades? Makes for cool GoPro footage and Idris Elba has his answer on how Mexican Marines breach.

Regardless, you can’t buy taste. Maybe a few corrupt cops and some tunneling equipment, but not taste. El Chapo, the Mexican drug kingpin, has reignited the fashion trend of looking like a club asshole.

The captured drug kingpin has started a trend of flamboyant men’s shirts for the club. Featured in Sean Penn’s interview, El Chapo was photographed wearing a couple of nightclub-ish shirts.

What to do? Well, if you’re LA-based Barabas, who sells the exact shirt, you start stacking cash. Oh, the store’s tagline is perfection: Good Words. Good Thoughts. Good Deeds. Which of the three gave the company the idea to plaster El Chapo’s face beside the shirt? Oh right, there wasn’t enough room on the marquee for ‘Profit.’ Fixed it for you.

El Chapo Fashion

Initial sales caused a spike that crashed the company’s website (it is still getting crushed with traffic), but here are the descriptions for the shirts. Both retail for $128.

The ‘Fantasy’ men’s button-down stripe shirt is ‘filled with an abstract design that makes it stand out.’ Maybe all the grenades were defensive. If I saw that garish crap in a room, I’d toss a few grenades too. What the hell is that? No clue. More grenades.

El chapo fashion

Want the ‘Crazy Paisley?’ You shouldn’t be nodding your head, but the button-down is ‘definitely one to wear on a night on the town.’ Mmhmm.

Seeing as it’s January, you shouldn’t be buying these shirts. Halloween is forever and a day away. I know, it’s hilarious. Dress like an idiot. It’s a riot. But you know how your friends try to tell you not to ride the ‘not-a damn-hoverboard’ hoverboard? Principles are the same. They are trying to save you.

Remember, first impressions count. You sliding up to a lady in the club wearing this? You’ll wish there was a tunnel out of the place.

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