Take note gamers who want to design the ultimate gamer cave. Tyler Kirkham, a 32-year old comic book artist, went straight up HGTV in his basement. $50,000 later and it looks badass.

Someone just send him Elder Scrolls Online already. You don’t get better marketing than this guy. He is Dovahkiin with a lot of disposable income. Beats the hell out of a special shout.

Tyler also lucked out by having his wife onboard with the basement remodel. Stacked high with boxes, or a basement that doubles as something out of the history books? That’s a tough one. Oh, and it will have enough electronics to dim the lights in the house. I’m sold.

She helped design the basement, pushing him to install concrete floors over carpet. However, she did mention the $50,000 could have been used for a pool, etc. Pretty sure that’s code for you owe her Tyler.

When you start thinking about what else can $50,000 can buy, the Elder Scrolls basement starts to look a bit over-the-top. If I had to pick, I’m going with a heated pool. All the way.

What does the basement have? Of course, it has weapons from the series. How about a waterfall? I say why the hell not. Secret passage? Damn straight. The bathroom is modeled after a mine shaft, and the shower includes a normal showerhead and waterfall ledge.

elder scrolls basement tyler kirkham

Water features aside, he set up custom dummies for a training area. You can snap up a weapon from the mini armory and work out some frustration.

Damn it… What do you mean I don’t have enough strength? Give me my sword. Wait, is that a battle ax? Give me that instead.

Outside of the Elder Scrolls styling, the history nerd in me wants the Italian crossbow he has lying on a table. Oh, and the $20,000 he tossed into the entertainment setup. Yeah, $20,000. I thought I spent an absurd amount of money on electronics.

What do his neighbors think? Most are impressed, with the general remark being they didn’t think Tyler could pull off such a feat. The guy is an artist. He puts it on paper and lets a contractor go nuts. He’s a remodeler’s dream. He knows what he wants.

It’s his brother Tristan that the family is going to have to watch out for. He’s also a superfan of the series and loves the basement. If I were a superfan, I’d accidentally on purpose bust a pipe in my house.

Ah, damn bro… The house is out of commission while ServPro does their thing. Somehow, nothing was damaged. Wild, right?

Watching the video reminds me of the Skyrim theme. I’ll be humming it the rest of the day and you can too.

You’re welcome.


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