Ever wanted to hold half the building blocks that make up Earth in the palm of your hand?

Yeah, the inner science nerd in me is nodding ‘hell yes.’ The Element Cube packs 62 elements into one compact cube. If you’re a science nerd, go crazy. Maybe you have a severe case of ‘will buy anything shiny and cool looking.’ Go even crazier.

It makes a great addition to your desk. We all want something nice to replace the stack of mail, receipts and assorted crap. 62 elements packed in one cube solves that problem.

And the creators are right, it does go nicely with Apple products. Just don’t get Jony Ive cranking. Once he starts talking elements, it’s game over, and we will be told Apple innovated them.

Element Cube Origin

I have to hand it to Cillian McMinn, the creator of the Element Cube. The origin is quite simply his answer to: “What’s the coolest thing I could put on my desk?” A 2” x 2” x 2” cube for your desk, bedside table or wherever you want to put it.

Packing 62 elements into a cube puts it in the running for a world record. Guinness World Records is looking at the cube as possibly the largest alloy in the world. Not bad. You get the badass cube and possibly own a world record holder.


The process to create the cube involves powder metallurgy.’ Each of the 62 elements starts as a powder and then pressed together. The process allows the Element Cube to be pressed into more than just a cube.

[divider]Element Breakdown[/divider]

Here are all 62 elements included in the cube:

elements in the element cube

Each order receives a complete material analysis report.

Element Cube Kickstarter

Who is the cube for? If you don’t want to spend thousands collecting samples of each of the 62 elements, the Element Cube is a great shortcut. Add in the time and it’s displayed beautifully makes it a no brainer.

Available in semi-polished or polished, you can choose the style that fits your desk the best.

What about taking it with you all the time? The company is offering unisex jewelry as either a companion piece or if you’re not a fan of desk art. Available as a bracelet or a necklace, it packs all 62 elements into an eye-catching design.

element cube necklace

element cube bracelet

Backers of the campaign can choose between snake chain or braided nylon for both jewelry options.

[divider]Price and Shipping[/divider]

The cheapest options are the necklace or bracelet. Priced in British Pounds, each works out to around $30. You’ll get a bit of play day-to-day on exchange rates in either direction.

An Element Cube is $76. Want all three? The gift set is priced at $137.

Ship dates on all the pledge tiers are for November. Have a science geek in the family? The Element Cube makes for a one hell of a stocking stuffer.

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