Elite Dangerous: Horizons Planetary Landing Clip, Creating Worlds and a Big Tournament
Elite Dangerous

It’s a big news day for Elite Dangerous. Earlier, David Braben (CEO and Founder of Frontier Developments) gave us our first look at in-game planetary landing footage, and it’s shaping up quite nicely.

Braben points out the footage is a “quick-and-dirty un-edited capture from Horizons from a debug build on one of our dev machines.” Frontier Developments still has plenty of work to do before Horizons ends up in our hands.


Want to know how the developers go about making the worlds of Elite Dangerous? A couple of Frontier Developments’ lead artists will give us a behind the scenes look during a live stream on Wednesday, October 14th at 2 p.m. EST.

“Simulation has always been important within the Elite Dangerous galaxy, and our conversation with the artists will highlight the accuracy, depth and technical prowess that go into creating the impressive features that make up our worlds,” said the developer in their most recent newsletter.

Next week’s live stream will highlight the simulation technology the developers use to create the “Europa lines” for frozen worlds and the canyons, craters and mountains seen in the short clip above.

No word on where the stream will be hosted, but I imagine it’ll be on their Twitch channel. I’ll let you know when I hear something definitive.


Frontier Developments is celebrating the launch of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) update for PC and Mac by announcing the first competitive CQC Tournament. $100,000 is up for grabs for every Elite: Dangerous player, no matter what platform you’re playing on. According to the developer, a series of qualifying periods will be held each month. Players will show off their best CQC skills for a chance to win a free trip to the live final in the UK and their shot at a piece of the $100,000 prize pot.

Check out the CQC launch trailer below if you missed it.

Man, there are way too many huge games to play these days. My backlog is absurd and is only going to get more so.

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