Elon Musk Turns Eye To Satellites. Also Touches on Cheap Gas
Elon Musk

Bloomberg sat down with Elon Musk to talk about a variety of topics today. One of the topics was satellites.

Last year, SpaceX sued the U.S. Air Force and accused them of creating an illegal monopoly on satellite launches. A bold move for a company wanting a government contract. But, Musk told Bloomberg he’s “hopeful” the two sides can reach a settlement.

“We’re going to try and do for satellites what we’ve done for rockets,” Musk said. That would mean a new Seattle engineering office with“several hundred people, maybe a thousand people.”

Musk’s track record means a lot more doing than trying.

The head of SpaceX and Tesla also touched on plunging gas prices and its effect on electric cars. “It just means we have to work harder at improving the cost of electric vehicles,” says Musk. Man, you just have to love this guy’s optimism.

Plunging gas prices will be an obstacle though. Hard to convince someone to pay more for an electric car when gas prices are less than $2/gallon. As Musk says, getting the price down on electric cars is a must.

Bloomberg also chatted with Musk about the failed rocket landing over the weekend. Musk reiterated that the lack of hydraulic fluid caused the hard landing. He says they have a “real decent chance” at the next launch – which is about three weeks away.

Reusable rockets are one of SpaceX’s ultimate goals. The cost savings this would generate will be huge for the entire aerospace sector.

Check out the rest of the Bloomberg interview. In it, he talks a bit more about the lawsuit with the Air Force and Tesla.

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