You know a chair is serious when you can have a complete weightless experience reclining at 25%. Yeah, it’s not a La-Z-Boy recliner. This shit is serious. Dr. David Wickett, a British inventor and designer, spent ten years studying the relationship between garbage posture and gravitational force.

All to create the perfect chair that promises to live up to ‘sleeping on a cloud.’ That’s normally a mattress marketing slogan but screw that. Football is back on that demands the ultimate in comfort.

The ten years of research resulted in a Ph.D. in bioengineering and a $26,000 recliner limited to twenty units. I guess it’s the couch for me. $26,000 for a chair? Does it come with Matt Damon’s robot suit? It should for that price.

Here’s what $26,000 gets you. The Elysium chair is a carbon fiber skeleton fused with springs at precise pressure point locations. Tensions and layers of foam offer support and pressure relief that shouldn’t be matched. It also means if you ever complain about your sciatica acting up again, we all get to flog you in the town square. For $26,000, you should be one comfy and agreeable bastard.

And for those that turn on CNN for background noise to sleep? Kick back the recliner to around 25% and enjoy that cloud of weightlessness. No pressure. All sleep.

Each chair is handmade in Cambridge and is a bespoke item from David Hugh. Choose from 70 color options wrapped in Scandinavian leather.

Let’s work off the assumption this is not supposed to be an office chair. How could you work when you know just a slight recline back, and you’re in perfect comfort for a nap. Work? Nah, it can wait. That’s why there’s tomorrow.

Learn more about the absurdly expensive chair at David Hugh. Dr. Wickett, we all expect you to launch a mattress in a box company right away.

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