You Cannot Unsee Emo Kylo Ren

Emo Kylo Ren parody twitter account is perfect
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Haven’t seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens? I don’t even know what to say to that. I won’t spoil the ‘big twist’ for you, because honestly, it’s not a big twist. Age is a real thing, folks.

With any blockbuster movie comes parody social media accounts. I don’t think there’s a better candidate for a parody account than Kylo Ren. Our new villain has serious family issues and is downright bipolar in force abilities. (Some spoilers ahead)

Opening sequence? He stops a blaster bolt midair and holds it there while talking to Poe and subordinates. Later? His lightsaber skills are iffy at best, and he nearly gets beat by an ex-stormtrooper. Yeah…

Enter Emo Kylo Ren. The fake twitter account proves the Master of the Knights of Ren better have an extra mask – no way I want to listen to Adam Driver whine about ‘that girl’ or his family issues.

Emo Kylo Ren twitter parody account

The Ren’s Rights Activist already has amassed a following of 70k loyal fans.

Want a sampling of his tweets while he is recuperating from his wounds on Starkiller Base?

Hey, vinyl makes everything better.

Yeah, that tweet isn’t even worth a quarter portion.

You really can’t unsee these after you watch the movie. He’s literally the most unstable villain in Star Wars. Sure, Vader and Palpatine were evil, but Kylo? I like the unstableness of it all. Just keep giving us the amped force abilities Disney.

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