Well, Jeremy Smith is about to be a rich man. He’s the creator of SnapPower, a USB charger built into your electric outlet cover plate. It’s the latest KickStarter project to blow through it’s goal. Amazing and head-slapping in the simplicity it offers.

SnapPower’s goal was set at $35,000. With 44 days left to go in the Kickstarter campaign, the figure raised has eclipsed $200,000. It’s selling point? It eliminates the need for wall chargers, or what the company calls wall warts.

Be honest, how many outlets have various chargers hooked to them? Exactly. SnapPower aims to clean up your decor by putting a 1-amp charger right in the cover plate.

snappower cover plate

Any USB device can be charged through the system. This includes phones, tablets, cameras and portable speakers.

Installing SnapPower is a breeze too. All you need is a screwdriver to remove the current cover plate and install the new one. It shouldn’t have to be said, but obviously don’t jab the screwdriver into the outlet. Let’s not give out any Darwin awards.

There’s no wiring with SnapPower, so it is plug and play. Or, charge. Not only is this useful for homeowners, but renters benefit. Just be sure to keep the old cover plate to reinstall when your lease runs out.

SnapPower Features

With the USB charger below the two plugs, you can still use the outlet while charging your device. The slim design of the cover plate allows you to position furniture flush against the wall.

Raise your hand if you have moved a couch to charge an iPad.

Being attached to the wall means you won’t be losing your wall charger to your kleptomaniac kids. Now the cable is another story. Can’t win in all things.

HGTV fans can rejoice in knowing there are two different styles, with three colors. Duplex and Decor are both offered as styles, with white, light almond and ivory as color options.

snappower kickstarter

One outlet it is not compatible with are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets found in bathrooms. Also, you can recognize them with their test and reset buttons located in the center. You’ll have to find another spot to charge your iPhone.

SnapPower Pricing

Most of the early-bird specials are gone, so the Kickstarter pricing breaks down as follows:

Starter Pack: 1 SnapPower Charger for $16

Starter Pack Plus: 2 Chargers for $30

Room Pack: 3 SnapPower Chargers for $42

Home Pack: 10 SnapPower Chargers for $120

It is KickStarter, so you get to practice your New Year’s resolution of patience. Once funded, you can expect to be installing new cover plates in August.

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